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Chemin Neuf at Lambeth Palace

In January 2014, Archbishop Justin Welby invited four members of Chemin Neuf, an ecumenical Catholic foundation, to live and pray at Lambeth Palace. Watch a short video about the community: 

Three prayer services are held each day in the Crypt Chapel at Lambeth Palace so that the Archbishop’s ministry, as well as the church and the wider world, is held constantly in prayer.

In January 2014, four members of Chemin Neuf - a Catholic foundation with an ecumenical vocation, founded in France - came to live at Lambeth Palace at the invitation of Archbishop Justin to share in this daily life of prayer. They will also be seeking to further the ecumenical and international dimensions of the Archbishop's work. 

The Chemin Neuf community consists of men and women, married and single, some who have taken lifetime vows and others committed for a shorter term. Its members, who come from different Christian denominations, are united by their faith in Jesus Christ and the desire to serve the Church, the Gospel and the world.

The four members living at Lambeth Palace comprise a married Anglican couple, Ione and Alan Morley-Fletcher; a Lutheran training for ministry, Oliver Matri; and a Roman Catholic consecrated sister, Ula Michlowicz.

Chemin Neuf follow in the footsteps of a line of sisters from the Anglican Religious communities of the Order of the Holy Paraclete, the Community of the Holy Name and the Sisters of the Love of God, who have served at Lambeth Palace over the past 24 years.

Read more about Chemin Neuf at Lambeth Palace 

Visit the Chemin Neuf website: 

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