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Anglican Communion

The Archbishop of Canterbury is the most senior bishop of the worldwide Anglican Communion - a first among equals (“primus inter pares”) amongst fellow bishops. 

The Anglican Communion is, along with the Roman Catholic Church and Orthodox Church, one of the world’s largest global Christian denominations. It has around 85 million members, spread across 38 Provinces in more than 165 countries. Each of these Provinces is autonomous, with its own system of governance. The most senior of the bishops or archbishops in each Province are known as “Primates”.

The Anglican Communion is not held together by a formal constitution or international church law, but rather by a shared heritage, by ways of worshipping and by the relationships—the “bonds of affection”—between its members worldwide. These are strengthened when Anglicans meet, informally and at such formal gatherings as the Instruments of Communion. President of these Instruments is the Archbishop of Canterbury who acts as a unique focus of unity.

The Archbishop of Canterbury also plays a leading role in nurturing the interdependent life of the Anglican Communion by visiting Provinces, convening meetings, facilitating initiatives, and contributing to theological reflection.

In his ministry across the Anglican Communion the Archbishop is supported by a dedicated staff at Lambeth Palace as well as the Secretary General of the Anglican Communion and his staff at the Anglican Communion Office in London, England.

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August 2013

Archbishop Justin praises Mexican Anglicans for helping 'those most marginalised' by poverty
15 August 2013
As the first Archbishop of Canterbury to visit Mexico, he expressed 'special appreciation' for its Anglican…

Reconciliation is our 'gift to the world': Archbishop preaches in Guatemala
12 August 2013
In this sermon, the Archbishop says reconciliation is 'the gift' which the church gives to the world.…

Archbishop Justin visits Anglicans in Guatemala
12 August 2013
Faith in Christ is "an immense resource" for transforming society, Archbishop says while visiting Anglicans…

'Building communities of hope': Archbishop preaches in Barbados
12 August 2013
The Archbishop gave the following sermon at Christ Church Parish Church, Barbados on Friday 9 August.…

July 2013

Listen to their voices of pain: Archbishop Justin on his Middle East visit
5 July 2013
Writing in the Church Times, Archbishop Justin said injustice and fear across the region must be confronted…

June 2013

'A new bond' between Archbishop Justin and Christians in the Holy Land
29 June 2013
Palestinian church leaders prayed for Archbishop Justin yesterday when he visited the Church of the Holy…

Archbishop Justin opens flagship Anglican diabetes clinic in Ramallah
28 June 2013
The Archbishop spoke of the need for "justice, security and peace for the Palestinian people", which…

Archbishop Josiah Idowu-Fearon awarded the Cross of St Augustine
21 June 2013
Archbishop Justin praised the Anglican Bishop of Kaduna for his devotion to Christian-Muslim dialogue

WATCH: The Melanesian Brothers and Sisters visit Archbishop Justin
3 June 2013
Members of four Melanesian religious orders visited Archbishop Justin at Lambeth Palace on Thursday last…

May 2013

Archbishop Justin preaches at enthronement of Tanzania’s new Archbishop
19 May 2013
Around 3,000 people from Tanzania, Africa and beyond gathered at Dodoma’s Cathedral of the Holy Spirit…

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