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February 2014

Jesus calls us to be 'generous and openhearted' - Archbishop Justin's Synod sermon
Tuesday 11 February 2014
Jesus calls us to a holiness that is 'positive, generous and openhearted', the Archbishop of Canterbury…

Archbishop Justin's sermon in Juba, South Sudan
Wednesday 5 February 2014
The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby's sermon at All Saints Cathedral, Juba, South Sudan, Thursday…

January 2014

Church's future is one of 'joy and hope' says Archbishop
Monday 27 January 2014
In this sermon, preached yesterday at St Mary Magdalene Church on the royal estate in Sandringham in…

December 2013

Jesus makes us carriers of light: Archbishop Justin's Christmas sermon
Wednesday 25 December 2013
Jesus 'rescues us from our brokenness and makes us carriers of life and light,' says the Archbishop in…

Archbishop preaches at Metropolitan Police carol service
Tuesday 17 December 2013
In this sermon preached at the Metropolitan Police carol service in Westminster this evening, the Archbishop…

Archbishop pays tribute to Nelson Mandela
Monday 9 December 2013
Mandela ‘melted courage into forgiveness’ to create ‘the gold of reconciliation’, says the Archbishop…

November 2013

'Everything changes': a sermon on the cross
Friday 29 November 2013
Remembering Christ's death on the cross, we turn 'all this for me' into 'all me for this', the Archbishop…

‘God is in this place’: Archbishop Justin preaches at NCT 60th anniversary service
Thursday 28 November 2013
Archbishop Justin urged churches to open their doors and welcome people into ‘the presence of God’…

October 2013

Archbishop in Hong Kong: We must be a repentant church
Tuesday 29 October 2013
In this sermon preached at St John's Cathedral in Hong Kong, the Archbishop of Canterbury said that as…

'God is a God of justice': Archbishop Justin preaches in Reykjavik
Friday 25 October 2013
In a sermon delivered at the Porvoo Primates' Meeting in Iceland, Archbishop Justin warned the Church…

August 2013

'Walk in the light with each other': Archbishop Justin's sermon in Mexico
Thursday 15 August 2013
Archbishop Justin preached this sermon during a Holy Eucharist at Hotel Quinta Real in Monterrey, Mexico…

Reconciliation is our 'gift to the world': Archbishop preaches in Guatemala
Monday 12 August 2013
In this sermon, the Archbishop says reconciliation is 'the gift' which the church gives to the world.…

'Building communities of hope': Archbishop preaches in Barbados
Monday 12 August 2013
The Archbishop gave the following sermon at Christ Church Parish Church, Barbados on Friday 9 August.…

June 2013

WATCH: The Archbishop preaching at the Aldeburgh Festival
Monday 10 June 2013
Yesterday during a special service celebrating the centenary of Benjamin Britten, the Archbishop said…

Archbishop Justin's sermon for the Queen's coronation 60th anniversary
Tuesday 4 June 2013
The Archbishop of Canterbury said today that the Queen’s coronation in 1953, and her public service…

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