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October 2014

Archbishop of Canterbury on dealing with ISIS and jihadism
Wednesday 15 October 2014
Writing in Prospect magazine today, Archbishop Justin Welby says while force against jihadists may be…

Finance must be about 'human flourishing', says Archbishop - video
Thursday 9 October 2014
The purpose of finance is "human flourishing, not just the rate of return", Archbishop Justin said during…

Archbishop and Methodist president host day of reflection on mining
Tuesday 7 October 2014
The Archbishop of Canterbury and the President of the Methodist Conference hosted an ecumenical day of…

Archbishop preaches on pilgrimage at Canterbury Cathedral
Tuesday 7 October 2014
Archbishop Justin celebrated the ancient tradition of pilgrimage on Sunday by walking with pilgrims through…

September 2014

Archbishop of Canterbury statement on Scotland referendum result
Friday 19 September 2014
The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has issued a statement after the Scottish people voted to remain…

Archbishop of Canterbury condemns killing of David Haines
Sunday 14 September 2014
The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has condemned the "brutal, cruel murder" of British aid worker…

August 2014

Iraq: Archbishop interviewed on Radio 4
Monday 11 August 2014
Archbishop Justin Welby gave an interview to Radio 4 yesterday about the atrocities in northern Iraq.…

Archbishop visits Anglicans in Papua New Guinea
Saturday 9 August 2014
Archbishop Justin Welby is on a 10-day visit to fellow Anglican leaders in the South Pacific.

Archbishop of Canterbury's statement on Iraq
Friday 8 August 2014
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, issued the following statement today on the situation in…

WWI Centenary: Archbishop writes in the Sunday Express
Monday 4 August 2014
The Archbishop of Canterbury wrote in the Sunday Express yesterday that "even in the deep darkness of…

WWI centenary: Archbishop's Thought for the Day
Monday 4 August 2014
Archbishop Justin gave the Thought for the Day on BBC Radio 4's Today programme this morning.

July 2014

Archbishop Justin hosts Iftar meal at Lambeth Palace
Friday 18 July 2014
Archbishop Justin hosted an Iftar meal on Wednesday evening for the Christian Muslim Forum, of which…

Archbishop writes to ecumenical partners about women bishops
Thursday 17 July 2014
Archbishop Justin has written to ecumenical partners about the General Synod's decision to allow women…

Archbishop Justin on the Andrew Marr show
Sunday 13 July 2014
A wide-ranging interview with Archbishop Justin was broadcast on the BBC's Andrew Marr show this morning.

Archbishop Justin on the common good
Saturday 12 July 2014
The Archbishop contributed this afternoon to a debate on the common good at the meeting of the General…

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