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Blog: Will development finance deal be 'good news for the poor'?

Monday 13th July 2015

Archbishop Justin Welby reflects on the importance of the UN's third annual gathering on financing for development taking place in Ethiopia this week.

In a blog written for the third annual UN conference on financing for development, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has urged leaders to reach "a strong and transformational agreement, which overcomes the pressure to dilute commitments for the sake of expediency".

"We achieve great things when we work together, and when we elevate the pursuit of human flourishing above our own self-interest, as individuals and indeed as nations," he said. "My appeal is that our political leaders do not forget this, and as they negotiate this vital agreement, ask themselves: is this fair? Is this generous? Is this sustainable?"

He added: "I pray for courage, for leadership, for an outward-looking vision for our world, which will have a lasting impact and will truly be good news for the poor."

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