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WATCH: Archbishop Justin's Holy Week lectures

Sunday 5th April 2015

Archbishop Justin reflected on prayer, reconciliation and evangelism in three lectures at Canterbury Cathedral during Holy Week.

The lectures, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening of last week, mirrored Archbishop Justin Welby’s three priorities for his ministry.

The first lecture, ‘The Risk of Prayer’, focussed on the renewal of prayer and the Religious (monastic) life, which the Archbishop said has always been a vital precondition for the Church’s renewal throughout history. 

In the second, ‘The Cost of Reconciliation’, he explored the Gospel call for all Christians to be peacemakers, and considered the profound sacrifices involved in loving others despite deeply-held differences. 

In the final lecture, ‘The Celebration of Witness’, he set out a vision in which every Christian shares their faith in Jesus through words and actions. 

Watch all three lectures below: 




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