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WATCH: Archbishop Justin Welby on the role of business in society

Wednesday 4th February 2015

The Archbishop of Canterbury spoke to the BBC on Wednesday about the role of business in society before giving a major speech that evening on 'The Good Economy'.

In the interview Archbishop Justin Welby spoke of the need to "affirm the significance of those who generate and create wealth". 

But he stressed the need for companies to contribute to the society in which they operate, saying that tax "is part of solidarity". 

"Tax is saying 'I belong to this place, I benefit from the fact that we have police and a health service and a welfare system and external security.' The tax is saying 'I belong to that'."

He added: "Jesus Christ spoke of the importance of paying what's due. The Bible speaks of it endlessly. You give what you are due to give." 

Read the Archbishop's speech on 'The Good Economy'. 

Watch the Archbishop's interview with the BBC: 

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