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PHOTOS: Archbishop joins 4,000 young people at Soul Survivor festival

Tuesday 29th July 2014

Archbishop Justin is spending two days at the Christian festival in Stafford.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, prayed with young people and answered their questions about prayer, faith and the church yesterday, on the first day of his visit to Soul Survivor festival in Stafford. 

Archbishop Justin Welby answers questions from young people about what it's like to be Archbishop, the importance of prayer and what it means to follow Jesus. 

The Archbishop meets with young people after his Q&A session. 

Young people grab a photo with Archbishop Justin as he walks around the Soul Survivor festival site. 

The Archbishop poses for one of many selfies yesterday as he waits to answer questions and share his thoughts about Christian life. 

Young people attending Soul Survivor pray for Archbishop Justin after he visited their church tent in the Soul Survivor camp site.

Archbishop Justin on stage with Soul Survivor founder Mike Pilavachi, answering questions about the future of the church and the joy of following Jesus.

Archbishop Justin onstage during evening worship with 4,000 young people attending Soul Survivor festival. 

Four thousand young people gather around to pray for Archbishop Justin during evening worship at Soul Survivor festival. 

Photos: Lambeth Palace 

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