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Why following Jesus means sharing Jesus

Friday 6th June 2014

The truth of what Jesus has done for us is too good to keep to ourselves, says Canon Chris Russell

This week the Archbishops of Canterbury and York called on the church to pray for new followers of Jesus - and to pray for Christians who set about sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. 

Writing in the Church Times this week, the Archbishop of Canterbury's Adviser for Evangelism and Witness, Canon Chris Russell, says that when we share Jesus with others we get to the very heart of what it means to follow him. 

"There is no better news for anybody, anywhere, than who God is for us in Jesus Christ - in whom God has chosen to be for all people," he says. "In his life, his teaching, his death, and his resurrection, God has chosen to love, call, suffer, die, rise, and open the Kingdom of God for each person. God desires each one to live in the joy of this grace.

"So many people are living with no knowledge of what God has done for them. And yet the difference would be transformative if this "took"; if this was effectual in human lives. The beauty of this gospel captivates our lives and sets us free.

"Evangelism is not a recruitment drive. It is not done for fear that nobody will be in the Church in a generation's time, or as a solution to financing crumbling buildings or crumbling clergy. It is our response to what God has done."

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