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Archbishop Justin blogs: 'A Christian country?'

Thursday 24th April 2014

Our society’s laws and values 'have been shaped and founded on Christianity' says Archbishop Justin.

Contributing to the current debate over whether Britain is a Christian country, the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby writes on his blog today about the central role that Christianity has played in founding and shaping our society. 

“It is a historical fact (perhaps unwelcome to some, but true) that our main systems of ethics, the way we do law and justice, the values of society, how we decide what is fair, the protection of the poor, and most of the way we look at society . . .   All have been shaped by and founded on Christianity.

“Add to that the foundation of many hospitals, the system of universal schooling, the presence of chaplains in prisons, and one could go on a long time. Then there is the literature, visual art, music and culture that have formed our understandings of beauty and worth since Anglo Saxon days.”

Archbishop Justin goes on to argue that it is wrong to assume that expressing confidence in the country’s Christian identity alienates those of other faiths. “The influence of a moderate and careful and generous Christian faith has enabled us to be welcoming to other faiths,” he writes.

Read more on Archbishop Justin’s blog.



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