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Archbishop Justin and Cardinal Nichols speak about Listen to God: Hear the Poor on Radio 4

Archbishop Justin and Cardinal Nichols meet with guests at Guiseppe Conlon House refugee centre, north London. (Picture: Marcin Mazur)

Monday 7th April 2014

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and Cardinal Vincent Nichols spoke on Radio 4’s Sunday Programme yesterday about their week of prayer for the church’s social action, Listen to God: Hear the Poor.

Archbishop Justin and Cardinal Nichols were speaking on the launch of their week of prayer for the church’s work serving the poor, which began yesterday with a joint visit to a Roman Catholic-run refugee centre and soup kitchen in north London.

During the interview Archbishop Justin said the week is about bringing together “prayer and action”.

“When you pray and you spend time listening to God, you find you are drawn inexorably to the face of the poor,” he said.

“We see that in one of the great Lenten readings, which is the parable of the sheep and the goats in Matthew’s gospel – at the last judgement Jesus points people to the poor that they’ve either recognised or neglected.”

Cardinal Vincent, the Archbishop of Westminster and head of the Roman Catholic Church in England Wales, said: “The main thrust of what we’re doing is the work of evangelisation. We know that the Gospel gathers credibility when it is seen in action.”

Archbishop Justin said that the joint Anglican-Catholic initiative reflected the fact that as both churches have become “more and more engaged in social action around the country… we have increasingly recognised that God has called us together. This isn’t some kind of stunt; it’s the inevitable response to the work of the Holy Spirit in drawing us into cooperation.”


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