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Caroline Welby writes about inspirational Anglican women

Marking International Women's Day, Caroline Welby has praised 'inspiring' Anglican women around the Communion.

Tuesday 4th March 2014

The Anglican Alliance is marking International Women’s Day by telling the stories of Anglican women around the Communion who have inspired change and transformed their communities.

Ahead of International Women's Day on 8th March, the Anglican Alliance is telling the stories of remarkable Anglican women around the world who have inspired change and transformed their communities.

A downloadable resource for churches and communities tells some of their stories – and includes some insights from Caroline Welby, who along with Archbishop Justin is this year visiting Anglican leaders and communities throughout the Communion.

The resource features a Bible study and links to tools and resources, as well as ideas for how churches and communities can get involved.

Writing in the resource, Mrs Welby describes visiting a country reeling from war and meeting an Archbishop’s spouse who had founded a centre to help orphaned children connect with foster families.

‘I met so many other women on our trip who talked about having “a number of children ‘plus’…” The “plus” were the orphans from family and friends who have been welcomed into their families with open arms,’ she said.

‘I was very inspired to see this work coming out of a place of prayer.’

Throughout the Anglican Communion, women are instrumental in development and are reaching out to their communities in innovative ways.

Rhoda Kwashi, from the Diocese of Zonkwa, Nigeria, tells her story in the Women's Day resource.

She said: "As a pastor's wife, I and my husband served in many congregations in Kaduna diocese for 19 years. I worked with women and girls who had lost their self-worth and could not do anything because of where culture had placed them.”

"Coming to the Diocese of Zonkwa as a bishop's wife, I saw even more vulnerability amongst this group. I considered where I started and where I am now, and I became even more determined to be an influence among women and girls to bring about change and be an instrument of change – I hoped this would inspire them to become instruments of change also."

Rhoda is now known as "Mama Diocese" for her care and encouragement to the communities she serves. Her full story and others can be seen in the Anglican Alliance’s Women’s Day resource.

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