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Archbishop gives Vatican Radio Christmas message

Wednesday 25th December 2013

At Christmastime we remember "the extraordinary challenge" of hearing the call of God through the baby Jesus Christ, the Archbishop tells Vatican Radio listeners

In his message the Archbishop reflected on the "extraordinary privilege" of meeting Pope Francis in June and hearing his ideas for "how we share the good news of Jesus Christ" and enable the Church to serve the common good.

Read the text of the message below:

Archbishop Justin's Vatican Radio 2013 Christmas message

One of the highlights for me in 2013, indeed probably one of the highlights of my life, was to meet the Holy Father during the month of June. The importance of the meeting lay in the desire that I had to begin to build a closer relationship with someone who is changing the nature of how people understand Christian faith around the world. I was deeply conscious of the privilege of meeting him, but also of the opportunity to learn from him some of his own ideas and dreams for how we share the good news of Jesus Christ and how we enable the Church to be more effective in its service of the common good for all human beings.

In the course of the conversation, we spoke of prayer, of the love of Jesus Christ, and of the need for the Church to serve the poor. And that is at the heart of my thought for today. The Church is so easily an institution. At this time of year, we remember that we are called not to form a great organisation, not to be in committees, or working groups, or task forces; but to put our hand into the small, vulnerable hand of Jesus Christ, the baby in the manger. And hearing the call of God through him, to trust ourselves to the one who makes himself empty, that our world may be transformed and each of us may be filled with the love of God.

What an extraordinary challenge that is. It is one that can only be done by simplicity. And so for myself at this time of year, I come back to the call of simplicity and the hope that is in Christ.

A very Happy Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all of you.


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