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'Don't wait to find out about Jesus Christ' - Archbishop writes to his 14-year-old self

Friday 13th December 2013

The Spectator asked the Archbishop of Canterbury what he would tell his 14-year-old self. Read his letter below

Dear Justin,

You are rarely good at anything, a fact you know well and worry about. But don’t worry — it does not measure who you are. Keep on dreaming of great things, but learn to live in the present, so that you take steps to accomplish them. Above all, more important than anything, don’t wait until you are older to find out about Jesus Christ and his love for you. He is not just a name at Chapel, but a person you can know. Christmas is not a fairy story, but the compelling opening of the greatest drama in history, with you as one of millions of players. Life will often be tough, but you will find more love than you can imagine now.

With my love to you, Justin

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