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Archbishop’s Lent Book 2014

Tuesday 26th November 2013

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent Book for 2014 will be Looking Through the Cross by the Revd Dr Graham Tomlin, Dean of St Mellitus College in London.

The book, which was written at the invitation of Dr Rowan Williams, will be Archbishop Justin’s first Lent book.

Archbishop Justin says of the book: 'Graham contrasts cross and culture, cross and personal habits, and shows the attractiveness of the cross. In it is all treasure.'

Dr Tomlin said of the book: 'First, it looks at the cross, trying to make sense of this strange idea, that God the Father allowed his son to die a gruesome and painful death. . . The rest of the book is an exercise, not so much of looking at, but looking through. It proceeds to view the cross, not only as an object to be studied or examined, but also as a lens through which we might look at the world.'

The book will be launched in February. It is available to buy here.

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