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Archbishop in Korea: unity is found in Christ

Unity: representatives of the World Council of Churches at the 10th Assembly in Busan, Republic of Korea (Picture: Peter Williams/WCC)

Friday 1st November 2013

Christians ‘belong to each other inescapably’ because they are part of the body of Christ, the Archbishop of Canterbury said today during a visit to Korea.

Archbishop Justin preached at an All Saints Eucharist for Anglican participants in the 10th Assembly of the World Council of Churches, which is taking place in Busan this week.

‘In Christ we find our unity, and nothing else will do,’ he said. ‘If we are all part of the body of Christ, we belong to one another inescapably, whether we like it or not. Parts may hurt, parts may be ill, near to death, but as long as they still name Jesus as Christ, then they are part of the body.’

The Church has throughout its history struggled with ‘failure and weakness’, the Archbishop said. ‘The answer is found in Christ who loves a broken church and brings new healing to our weakness, and makes us holy.’

This holiness was ‘seen in radical identity with those whom Jesus loves. Those whom he loves are the ones the world puts to one side. . . It is the poor of the earth. . . It is the persecuted. It is the hated and those held in contempt.’

Archbishop Justin concluded: ‘Anglicans have always had a vocation as bridge builders. . . To build bridges, we are called to be a church that is courageous, a church that is holy, a church that is Christ-obsessed.’


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