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Blog: Pray for hostages - and their captors

Kenyan soldiers outside Nairobi's Westgate shopping mall, where 68 hostages have been killed, 22 Sept 2013. (AFP)

Monday 23rd September 2013

Writing on his blog today, Archbishop Justin urges prayers for hostages in Nairobi, Syria and elsewhere - but also for their captors

The Archbishop has called for a week of prayer for hostages around the world, saying that even though we cannot understand the complexity of such situations, we know that such acts 'are always wrong'. 

However he said he would also be praying for their captors, 'that they would see and understand that hostility and violence will never be allowed to have the last word.'

Hostage-taking is a form of terror which seeks 'to undermine the morale of those close to the people who disappear,' said the Archbishop. 'Hostages go into the darkness so that fear spreads among their friends and families.'

Justice is 'always transparent', he said, while the use of kidnap and absence of due process 'is always obscure'. 

Read more on the Archbishop's blog:

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