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The royal baby will bring 'sheer hope', writes Archbishop Justin

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. (PA)

Sunday 14th July 2013

The royal baby will be a great drama - but bring much hope, writes Archbishop Justin in today's Mail on Sunday

Babies make for drama. It really doesn’t make any difference where they are born or who are the parents: they always bring drama. When our first was born, she was so early we had not worked out where the hospital was. We drove around at six in the morning asking people and feeling rather stupid.

I doubt that will be the case for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. They are such an impressive couple. No doubt the plans and preparations will be perfect. Yet, there will still be drama.

Part of the drama is the sheer hope they bring. Babies cause us to look to the future hopefully. When this baby is old, it will be the 22nd Century. Yet he or she will be able to tell children about a great grandmother she knew – who served in the Second World War.

By then, the 1940s will be as far away as the Crimean War and the charge of the Light Brigade is today. Think of the changes that will happen in the lifetime of this new child! If they are anything like as great as in the last century, one can hardly imagine what the world will be like.

Babies bring a sense of thankfulness, and this one will do so for all of us. It’s a reminder of what an amazing country we live in, and the stability we have in the Royal Family.

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