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LISTEN: Take an audio tour of Archbishop Justin's prayer journey

Wednesday 3rd April 2013

Listen to four programmes recorded by the BBC’s Daily Service during Archbishop Justin's prayer journey last month

Archbishop Justin arrives in Coventry Archbishop Justin, wearing his Coventry Cross of Nails, is greeted by the people of Coventry and Warwickshire. Friday 15 March 2013. (Photograph: Coventry diocese) 

In the lead up to his enthronement last month, the BBC's Daily Service joined Archbishop Justin in four locations on his journey in prayer around the southern province. 

The shows, originally broadcast during the prayer journey, feature hymns, sermons and interviews with the Archbishop. 

On the final day, Archbishop Justin said: “What I’ve learned more than anything else is people’s hunger to pray – not necessarily to pray with me, but just to pray.”


Day one: Norwich (Thursday 14 March) 

On a cold, bright morning in Norwich, Archbishop Justin begins his prayer journey during an extraordinary week for many Christians worldwide – with Pope Francis set to be inaugurated in Rome and his own installation at Canterbury Cathedral.

As the programme notes, Archbishop Justin’s journey emphasises prayer as both “a duty and a joy”. This is reflected in some of the hymns sung by Norwich Cathedral choir, including ‘Awake, my soul, and with the sun thy daily stage of duty run’. 

“This prayer journey begins in a place that has so many memories for me,” says the Archbishop, whose grandparents lived in Norfolk. "This encourages me to look forward to see what God will bring over the next few years.” 

Listen to the BBC Daily Service recording from Norwich.

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Day two: Coventry  (Friday 15 March)

On day two, Christian drummers lead large crowds into the ruins of the old Coventry cathedral, where the Archbishop prays for reconciliation and “the hope for the world that Christ brings”. 

Against a backdrop of stained glass fragments, shattered by the German bombardment in 1940, Christians from many denominations gather with the Archbishop to pray “for themselves, for peace and for their enemies.”

The Coventry Litany of Reconciliation, which is prayed daily at the Cathedral and used throughout the world, is led here by Archbishop Justin and the Bishop of Coventry, Christopher Coxworth.

Hymns include John Bell and Graham Maule's 'Take this moment' - itself a prayer for transformation. 

Listen to the BBC Daily Service recording from Coventry.

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Day three: London (Saturday 16 March)

Standing at the birthplace of his ancient predecessor, Thomas Becket, the Archbishop starts his journey through the City of London – a place of wealth and poverty, sinners and saints. 

With crowds and local clergy, Archbishop Justin walks past reminders of Christian witness and proclamation: from the St Paul’s Cross to the statue of John Wesley. 

The capital is "a good place to remember the competition between faith and work, and how we turn that into cooperation," the Archbishop notes. 

Between visiting St Paul’s and Southwark Cathedrals, the Archbishop walks across the Millennium Bridge and along the South Bank with a dancing choir, whose lively outdoor singing is mixed with hymns from the cathedrals including 'I'll go in the strength of the Lord'. 

Listen to the BBC Daily Service recording from London.

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Day five: Chichester (Tuesday 19 March)

On the final stop of his journey, two days before his public ministry begins, Archbishop Justin is greeted by hundreds of people lining the streets of Chichester. 

“Having the Archbishop of Canterbury here gives us a vote of confidence in all that this diocese is doing,” says one man. “It’s a day of great hope and encouragement to us all.”

During the programme, Archbishop Justin reflects on a reading from Mark 4 in which Jesus stills a storm that has terrified the disciples.

"Sometimes we feel deeply overwhelmed by the storm, and the response throughout the Bible to this is 'Where are you God?' That kind of prayer is entirely reasonable, entirely Godly, entirely Christian." 

Listen to the BBC 'Daily Service' recording from Chichester

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